KI Samen has set its own breeding strategy for forty years already ‘We believe in practical truth.’

Big Malki in stal

Dozens of red and blue balloons adorn the reception area of the breeding and dairy enterprise Samen, which offers a beautiful view of the rotary milking parlour and free stall barn. ‘Just this past weekend, we celebrated our 40th anniversary with all of the employees,’ tells Patrick Friesen, while his colleagues Guus Verhaag and Gerard…

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Jeroen van Maanen receives first ‘Bas Engelen Award’

Bas Engelen award

Bas Engelen award The Bas Engelen award was created to recognise cattle farmers who carry on the breeding philosophy and vision of Bas Engelen  – one of the founding fathers of K.I. Samen – and who represent and promote the interests of dairy farmers. The award was created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of K.I.…

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Their distinctive markings make Lineback bulls unique

Witrik Roady rf

Linebacks with their Witrik patterns and long heritage are not a recognised breed The patterns occur as a white stripe along the back and belly and they can have speckled or solid sides. In English speaking countries, this colouration is referred to as ‘lineback’. Cows with Witrik patterns could be found many centuries ago with…

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Plataan Friday is fokstier van KI Samen

A fresh injection in black-and-white After supplying breeding bulls such as Gold Chip, Cashcoin and Cashmoney, Volmer Barbaros (Silver x Iota (VG 89) x Shottle (EX 92)) is next in line from the stud in Grashoek. Barbaros (aAa 243615) and the bulls mentioned all descend from the world-famous brood cow Regancrest Barbie. This cow family…

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Huntje Holstein Red River is de topper van de index draai augustus 2022

THE GENERATIONS OF RED RIVER: SUPPLIER OF SHOWRING STARS, BULL DAMS AND BREEDING BULLS Imported embryos sired by the Canadian prolific milk transmitter Aerostar resulted in the red factor carrier Yava rf and the 87-point ranked Warsau. In the Netherlands, Warsau is the point of origin of three different lines that have been supplying showring…

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Nancy Ralph en Bas Engelen

It is an industry-leading, family owned business with its own breeding vision based on using proven bulls and examining the practical performance on the farm of the cow family behind the bull. Following the death of Bas Engelen Sr. – one of the founders of K.I. SAMEN – his children Nancy, Ralph and Bas Engelen…

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Index run: what you can add to the existing package

De Volmer Barbaros

The top performers are continuing to improve and follow the expected trend Tracking the performance of bulls in each index run reveals the trend in their development. As their number of lactating daughters increases, the bulls continue to demonstrate their qualities. In practice, we see time and again that breeding bulls from K.I. SAMEN keep…

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Slick gene arms the practical cow of tomorrow against heat!

Colganados JB Aviator SL

Slick gene boosts heat resistance Dutch cows already suffer from the heat at a temperature of 20°C with humidity of 60-80%.  The higher the temperature, the more energy a cow needs to use to cool. But in hot weather, cows have a lower feed intake which can cause acidosis, declining milk production and poorer quality…

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Master in rounded traits

Maatschap van Ramshorst

Arie started systematically breeding using the aAa tool some 23 years ago. The aAa system is built on experiences in practice and views cows from a practical perspective. The relationship between the parts of a cow is a key component of the aAa breeding tool. The balance has to be right to breed functional animals.…

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