Drouner ARAS Pp, a pedigree with top class conformation

Aras Pp represents super conformation With seven generations of excellent cows in his ancestry. He passes on this trait to his daughters who have above average conformation with very good milk production. The heifers have good to very good (quality) udders, which are well balanced with good fore udder attachment. Aras Pp daughters have good…

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Why do farmers choose bulls with BB and A2A2?

Mostwanted Red

Farmers choose cows with the kappa casein BB gene because this yields more cheese from one kilogram of milk. One litre of milk contains about 35 grams of protein, of which approximately 82% is casein and 18% whey. Kappa casein, in particular, has an integral role in cheese making and affects how fast milk clots…

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Jersey on the increase worldwide

As we know, Jersey cows are a more favourable proposition in view of the phosphate rights in the Netherlands. You can have five Jersey cows in your herd compared to four Holstein cows. This calculation has already prompted various farmers in the Netherlands to switch to Jerseys. Another factor is that, with normal production figures,…

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Valor Bisor adds weight to your herd.

Impressive family tree Another impressive feature of Bisor’s family tree is the almost unending list of renowned bulls. It has all the big names! From bulls such as good old Triple and Sheik to more recent bulls such as Rudolph, Mtoto, O-man and Supersire. Their daughters in this line all ranked 84 to 90 points.…

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Can breeding contribute to reducing heat stress in cows?

Colganados JB Aviator SL

1. Heat tolerant genes: Genes are known to contribute to better heat tolerance of cows, such as the genes related to sweat production, regulating the body temperature and adapting to changes in the surrounding climate. 2. Higher antioxidant production: Heat causes oxidative stress in cows, which can lead to damaged cells and inflammation. Targeted selection…

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Big Boukje 333 is living proof!

Big Boukje 333 first 100,000 kg cow Big Boukje 333 is the first Malki daughter to yield 100,000 kg of milk, with daily production averaging more than 45 litres. Big Boukje 333 merits 89 points with excellent scores for legs, frame and dairy strength. We are delighted to congratulate the Knoef family with this unique…

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The Zoo in the Cow

the zoo in the cow

The Fish Walk For years I have observed cows that walk like a fish: The rear end goes from left to right, because the cow needs to walk around her udder. This is not very efficient and is definitely not good for the longevity of the cow. The front end of the cow is too…

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