Experience the daily practice at the K.I SAMEN dairy breeding farm. See how the new generation of dairy cows from the diverse cow families performs in practice on this modern dairy farm. The basic principle is a durable herd of perfectly balanced cows.

Ralph Engelen, the dedicated owner of the K.I SAMEN dairy breeding farm, is happy to explain all the details of how the company operates. This interactive excursion introduces you to the multiple aspects of running a modern dairy farm with 480 cows. From calf management and rearing young stock to the chosen feed strategy. The highlight of the tour is a visit to the AI center that house the bulls.

A unique opportunity to ‘safely’ stand eye to eye with these impressive bulls. You can also meet the new generation of our proven bulls and see the progeny of our promising test bulls. New generations of bulls with a wide range of pedigrees and aAa codes from a variety of breeds. The foundation of our company strategy; breeding a perfectly balanced cow!