Another duo of 100-tonners at the K.I. Samen breeding station and  dairy farm.

The K.I Samen breeding station and dairy farm can add the 48th and 49th names to its list of cows that have surpassed the production milestone of 100,000 kgs.

Grashoek Tonnie 72 een koe in balans!

49th 100-tonner at K.I Samen breeding station and dairy farm

Grashoek Tonnie 72 (s. Lady Lover) has become the 49th cow on the K.I. Samen dairy farm in Grashoek to produce 100,000 kgs of milk. Grashoek Tonnie 72 is a balanced production cow. She produced 101,257 kg of milk with 4.39% fat and 3.43% protein in 2561 days.

Grashoek Bobby 72 (s. Sunflower PS) joins her as the 48th cow to achieve this milestone. She yielded 100,585 kg of milk with 4.74% fat and 3.94% protein in 2827 days. This achievement once again proves the value of the practical breeding philosophy applied by K.I. Samen.