Three Bs top the rankings

Beer, Bobo and Brutus: this trio of bulls from breeding station and dairy farm K.I. Samen claim the top three rankings for calving ease and short gestation times. To recognise this unique achievement a cake was presented to Ralph Engelen, the brains behind the breeding strategy at breeding station and dairy farm K.I. Samen. Similar to his approach to Holstein breeding, Ralph has a razor sharp vision of what he wants and how to reach that goal in the easiest way.

BBB uitslag

Select reliable, tested sires

When he bred this trio of bulls, Ralph focused on selecting reliable, tested sires that offered good to very good maternal calving ease combined with a short gestation time. What most people do not know is that the Belgian Blue breeding activities at K.I. Samen started more than 12 years ago with one brood cow and her son Rein from former breeding farm Van het Boszicht.

BBB bulls score even higher

Following on from Dino (136) and Shaun (126), who are both very high scoring bulls, the three BBB bulls perform even better in terms of calving ease. Sired by Bruno van de Plashoeve, the trio of Beer (138), Bobo (137) and Brutus (137) are exceptionally good bulls. K.I. Samen is very happy with all the bulls fromĀ  breeding station and dairy farm K.I. Samen. They make a welcome addition to our BB breeding programme known for its light birthweights and short gestation times.

Pioneering, successful breeders

The first calves by Loek van de Graashook (s. Lucas) have now been born and Moos rf van de Graashook (s. Mogli) is currently being tested. In short, very successful breeding results, that are also partly thanks to pioneering Dutch breeders in the BB beef on dairy segment. K.I. Samen is very satisfied with no fewer than 12 bulls that score higher than125 for calving ease, particularly due to the growing importance of good BB beef on dairy bulls