Big Boukje 333 is living proof!

Big Boukje 333, who was born on 1 August 2014, reached production of 100,000 kg of milk on 2 May 2023.

Big Boukje 333

Big Boukje 333 first 100,000 kg cow

Big Boukje 333 is the first Malki daughter to yield 100,000 kg of milk, with daily production averaging more than 45 litres. Big Boukje 333 merits 89 points with excellent scores for legs, frame and dairy strength. We are delighted to congratulate the Knoef family with this unique achievement: the first cow bred on their farm by one of their own bulls to smash the barrier of 100,000 kg.

As well as Big Malki, the Knoef family has supplied several other bulls to K.I. SAMEN including Big Redstar, Big Surprise rf, Big Macht and Big Radar Lover Red. A firm belief in their own breeding philosophy has been rewarded, and everyone can enjoy the benefits. Practical proven breeding!

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