A legend in his own lifetime, the most famous breeding bull in the Netherlands is no longer with us. Big Malki reached the age of almost 12 years. The breeding bull that was known for stamping has stamped his own indelible mark on the landscape of contemporary breeding. Big Malki was bred by the Knoef family from Geesteren and offered a unique pedigree: Hoekland Maik x Skalsummer Jorryn x Leroy Abrian - all presented in a shiny, jet black appearance that no one could fail to overlook. Big Malki demonstrated his value in the breeding world during an era when there was a pressing need for his sought after aAa code 165. This code indicates that he represented dairy type, great style and more width. The audience at the bull presentation during the Grasdag event 2023 were able to see Malki in the barn. K.I. Samen is incredibly proud of what this unique "Samen" bull achieved in his lifetime.

Big Malki in stal

Big Malki really has proven in practice what others promised!

A bull’s impact is often determined by the genetic contribution he makes to the breed, especially regarding milk production, conformation and longevity, which are important breeding traits. Where others made promises, Malki delivered the proof in practice.

Cows that are on average a year older are financially interesting. An important condition is that they have the ability to cope with living longer and achieving higher lifetime production. Malki daughters mature into impressive dairy cows that retain their top conformation and yield production that increases across the lactations. In addition, his daughters show a little more muscularity and strength, are attractive to see and produce milk easily and economically. With his outstanding results for late maturity, very good hoof health and amazing longevity, Big Malki has indisputably proven himself in practice and can be considered a cornerstone for Holstein breeding.

Malki delivers high numbers of excellent cows

Daughter Group Big Malki Submitter: KI Samen, Grashoek Recording: NRM Zwolle, June 28, 2019

During the NRM cattle show in 2017, Malki left his imposing calling card for the first time in the shape of a uniform group of wonderful heifers. At the NRM in 2019, a legendary group of daughters with calves was shown. All these daughters were merited excellent.

Presentation daughter group Big Malki during NRM 2019

And there was more to follow. In his trial period alone, 19 Malki daughters were awarded the score excellent. In 2022 Malki was even [the preeminent supplier of excellent cows].If you compare the figures, in terms of percentages Malki undoubtedly ranks among the elite bulls in producing excellent daughters.

Excellent cows used as bull dams

Sandra 2 heeft predicaat Sterkoe 1
VDR Sandra 2

One of the excellent Malki daughters is Sandra 2 (EX92). She was used as a bull dam at K.I. Samen and produced the top bull VDR Slash. Another excellent Malki daughter registered previously is Big Super Star 146 (EX 91) – the dam of BIG Redstar. She has also been used as a bull dam at K.I. Samen.

Champion in 100 tonners

Top of the list of many dairy farmers is milk production that increases across consecutive lactations. Malki will also go down in history as a champion in producing cows that yield 100 tons of milk. He can already note his first five 100 tonners and we are certain this figure will increase considerably in the future.

From bull selection to top performer

As well as Malki, the farm run by the Knoef family in Geesteren has already supplied K.I Samen with several bulls from various cow families. The collaboration between the AI station and the Knoef family is very successful. When selecting its bulls, K.I. Samen looks at cow families that perform well and tries to identify the best brood cow in that particular cow family. K.I. Samen specially chose Malki’s dam – Big Anna Jacoba 115, an exceptionally good daughter by the bull Skalsumer Jorryn – because of her wonderful confirmation combined with outstanding production.

Malki’s sire, Hoekland Maik, also descends from a reliable cow family. Maik’s dam had a proven track record and had already produced four calves before Maik. In consultation with the breeders, the Knoef family, Big Anna Jacoba 115 was inseminated with semen from Hoekland Maik. When Big Malki was born, his dam was five years old, so her chances were  considered slim at the time. However K.I. Samen had a different opinion; ‘A proven cow combined with a proven bull, breeding as breeding should be!’ A good combination wins every time. The Knoef family currently has more than 100 lactating daughters by Malki.

Big Malki demonstrates: Practical proven breeding!

What Big Malki demonstrates is that breeding is not about making rapid progress, but rather conscious choices based on facts with a practical foundation. Big Malki was a bull bred by a farming family with a clear vision of longevity and lifetime production.

Malki blood in the next generation of bulls

K.I. Samen has bred various bulls from the Malki line. These next generation, high quality bulls are available.

VDR Slash

VDR Slash

Malki daughter Sandra 2 (EX92) is the dam of VDR Slash (Balu x Malki x Minos). Slash is a calving ease bull and transmits plenty of milk with high component percentages, good conformation and late maturing daughters with positive health traits. He has kappa casein BB and beta casein A2/A2.

Valor Tobor

Valor Tobor in indexdraai december 2023
Valor Tobor V:Topgear Eig: KI Samen, Grashoek

Malki son Topgear is the sire of Valor Tobor, a bull that offers something unique. Valor Tobor (Topgear x Commander x Beacon) has aAa code 156 and was born in Luxembourg. His maternal line originates in Italy and was further developed in Germany. He shares an ancestry with reliable, proven breeding bulls, who are all top of the class in their respective years, and can be found in countries including the Netherlands and the USA. During the Grasdag 2023 event, K.I. Samen showed a daughter group. Farmers are very satisfied with his daughters.

Big Redstar

Big Redstar

K.I. Samen has already shown a daughter group by this well developed, attractive Big Redstar (Colorado x Malki x Fidelity) twice. He is a bull with a proven ancestry as his sire Colorado has very reliable inheritance scores, based on thousands of daughters. An examination of their scores reveals that Colorado has a greater tendency to pass on good conformation rather than extreme production. The production of his daughters is good, but where he really excels is in passing on ( faultless) conformation scores. Colorado daughters have very good frames, super udders and good legs. This calving ease bull also performs perfectly when it comes to fertility and udder health traits. Redstar’s dam’s line also stands out for the quality of conformation (eight generations of VG or EX cows). Over the years, this Superstar family has proven to be a cow family that breeds well and offers a solid combination of conformation, production and durability.

Big Surprise

Big Surprise

Another successful Malki son is Big Surprise Rf (Malki x Tequila x Lightning). His aAa code is 165. His sire and dam were both born on the Knoef farm that excels in durability, and descend from two of the most successful cow families in the herd. The late maturity trait correlates highly with durability, as also confirmed by Malki’s performance.

De Nautena Meester

De Nautena Meester

The unique aAa code of 561 really makes this appropriately named Malki son lord and master in the category of bulls with round traits. Meester (Malki x Bertil x Niveau): a prime example of robust and proven breeding

Big Macht

Big Macht

Big Macht (Malki x Brawler x Gibor) is bull worthy of his name – which translates to “Power”. This Malki son certainly packs a punch, both for his conformation (a powerful, muscular bull with very good legs) and his pedigree. Macht’s maternal pedigree- the Elsie cow family – is an exceptionally productive, successful line.

Words of thanks for Malki handlers

The people who cared for Malki made sure he lacked for nothing. The stockmen handled, worked with him and looked after him for years. They experience his death as an immense loss in the barn. These words reflect their feelings: ‘The loss of an iconic Samen bull’, ‘An imposing bull who everyone wanted to see, a true character right until the end and with unique qualities never seen before in such a top bull’.

K.I. Samen would like to thank the stockmen for their dedication and excellent care for all bulls, and in this case for Malki in particular. Big Malki leaves a legacy that will influence and bring great pleasure to barns, and allow farmers to benefit from his contribution to the herd for many years to come.