Jersey in the spotlight: Jouke

K.I. Samen offers a wide range of Jersey bulls, representing a diverse mix of Danish, American and Australian genetics. We have plenty of choice for all farmers who want to use Jersey semen. This edition shines the spotlight on the Jersey bull from our portfolio: Jouke.



Jouke is a great addition to our Jersey segment. Jouke is no ordinary bull, he offers a super combination of Danish and North American genetics. Jouke has code A2A2 and has an alternative pedigree.

Excels in fertility and udder health

Jouke has an outstanding pedigree. The last four generations of cows all have super component percentages with protein far in excess of 4% and a fat percentage that continues to increase. Jouke’s dam, Anouk 2, truly distinguishes herself with a remarkable 6.33% fat. She has not only proven herself as an amazing milk producer, she also excels in fertility and udder health. In her last lactation she noted an average somatic cell count of just 11(!). 

Anouk 2 (VG 87) dam of Jouke

Jouke’s pedigree

Jouke’s sire is Jamie, a correct, all-round bull with a little more openness in his skeleton. Jamie brings a hint of North America to the package. His daughters in Canada are showing a consistent pattern of impressive production figures. VJ Link is the absolute pinnacle in his pedigree. He tops the list for survival rates across all breeds. Sired by Jamie and with Link as a grand sire, production and longevity are firmly anchored in his heritage. To sum it up, Jouke is an extremely promising young bull.

361290 | JOUKE
Jamie x VJ Link x Lirsk x DJ Middel | aAa 264

  • Fantastic maternal and paternal line
  • Cow family with good fertility and healthy udders, low somatic cell count
  • Four generations scored well above 4% protein, with high fat percentages 
  • Longevity anchored in the family
  • Beta casein A2A2