Ultimate satisfaction for farmers with Tobor daughters

K.I. Samen wanted to show a second Valor Tobor progeny group at the RMV Cattle Show in Hardenberg 2023. The owners of the Tobor daughters selected for the group are extremely satisfied with the results in practice shown by K.I. Samen bull Tobor.

Tobor dochters Marianne 358, Marianne 359 en Marianne 361

Unique aAa code 156 contributes width and balance

A bull with unique features, Valor Tobor (TopGear x Commander x Beacon) with his aAa code of 156
was born in Luxembourg. His maternal line originates in Italy and was further developed in Germany.
He shares an ancestry with reliable, proven breeding bulls, who are all top of the class in their
respective years, and can be found in countries including the Netherlands and the USA.

Valor Tobor is a bull with plenty of potential who brings width to the herd. His own good
conformation ensures well-built, long lasting cows that will produce plenty of milk. A focus on
development over the lactations is precisely the trait that Valor Tobor shows with his progeny. His
first daughters are now lactating and there is a lot of uniformity. The heifers are not too large, have
plenty of width and show balance. This bull originates from a farm that has applied the aAa system
for decades.

What farmers say about Tobor

But what do the farmers who used this bull have to say about him? What results are they seeing in
their barns? We made a careful selection of his lovely daughters to demonstrate the amazing results
achieved by Tobor. When the daughters were selected, a number of farmers were also interviewed
to hear their experiences:

Valor Tobor daughters are perfect for free stall barns

One of the chosen cows is Thea 271 owned by the Waterink family from Beerzerveld.

“As far as we are concerned, Tobor daughters are perfect for free stall barns!”

Waterink family

Valor Tobor inherited the genes for perfect free stall cows from his paternal line. The line of Tobor’s sire TopGear is packed with the ultimate in free stall cows: slightly above average stature, great width and correct legs. Tobor also passes on these strong traits to his daughters.

Correct udders

Betsie 122 owned by Aike and Wubbe Kuper from Vlagtwedde was also selected to join the progeny group.

“We have never had a heifer with such a super udder and udder quality as this one.”

Aike en wubbe kuper

The TopGear line has super udders and they excel in the secondary traits. They combine good fertility with very good udder health and super claw health, resulting in durable cows.

Betsie 122 closed the ranks of the daughter group during the Grasdag event. She has very good conformation with legs that show pure quality and great locomotion. This heifer is exemplary of what Tobor has to offer.

Extraordinary offspring

De Braok Katrien 144 owned by Auke ter Braak from Ambt Delden was also one of the selected cows.

“Tobor has the ability to produce extraordinary offspring from very ordinary cows!”

auke ter Braak

Thanks to his currently scarce aAa code 156, Tobor daughters are given more width which ensures very well built cows.