The 305-day daughter production figures of K.I. Samen in practice

daughter production in 305 day list It’s very interesting to see what actually happens in practice and to look back at the results of thedaughters for each bull. And it’s worth noting that some bulls perform better in practice than thefigures on their own suggest. Download the list of the milk testing year August 2022-…

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Succesvolle grasdag met een drukbezochte stierenpresentatie

BALANCED DAIRY COWS AND IMPRESSIVE PARADE OF BULLS at the successfull grasdag 2023 Progeny group Bonhill Dex van de Peul Dex made many farmers enthusiastic during the bull presentation and his daughters made a very worthy debut during the successful grasdag 2023 event. These nicely developed heifers have a well-balanced skeleton. The udders showed their…

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