Master in rounded traits

Maatschap van Ramshorst

Arie started systematically breeding using the aAa tool some 23 years ago. The aAa system is built on experiences in practice and views cows from a practical perspective. The relationship between the parts of a cow is a key component of the aAa breeding tool. The balance has to be right to breed functional animals.…

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Voerefficientie: wat is nu echt belangrijk

Voerefficiëntie is als fokwaarde opgenomen in de berekening van de NVI tijdens de indexdraai van april 2022. De K.I-organisatie die deze fokwaarde heeft, zal een hogere NVI-ranking krijgen dan de andere K.I.-organisaties. Maar is deze fokwaarde ‘Voerefficiëntie’ waar de veehouder op zit te wachten of bekijk je voerefficiëntie – net zoals K.I. SAMEN – vanuit de praktische bril?

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The smartest route to a polled herd

D'n Driehoek Red Devil (Pp)

There is great interest from the sector in breeding polled cows, but also questions about how to achieve this. Polledness is determined by a gene that is typified with a ‘P’, meaning ‘polled’. A capital letter P signifies polled, a lower case p means horned. Each cow and each bull has a pair of genes…

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Growing necessity for diversity in the Holstein breed

Analysis shows that breeding has produced more of the same If we examine the larger dairy and beef farming countries, of the 1310 new registered animals some 1000 bulls have the same three code numbers. Particularly striking is that in the past year only eight bulls have been coded throughout all of Canada. Denmark and…

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