Three Bs top the rankings

Select reliable, tested sires When he bred this trio of bulls, Ralph focused on selecting reliable, tested sires that offered good to very good maternal calving ease combined with a short gestation time. What most people do not know is that the Belgian Blue breeding activities at K.I. Samen started more than 12 years ago…

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Ultimate satisfaction for farmers with Tobor daughters

Tobor dochters Marianne 358, Marianne 359 en Marianne 361

Unique aAa code 156 contributes width and balance A bull with unique features, Valor Tobor (TopGear x Commander x Beacon) with his aAa code of 156was born in Luxembourg. His maternal line originates in Italy and was further developed in Germany.He shares an ancestry with reliable, proven breeding bulls, who are all top of the…

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Cow power!

more hp

Practical cows (more hp) are balanced A balanced build is what makes a practical cow HP. This is the key to long-lasting and highly productivecows. To create balanced cows, K.I. Samen’s breeding programme carefully considers the three mainreasons for culling. Poor fertility, claw health (legs) and udder health are the most important factorsthat determine whether…

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Can breeding contribute to reducing heat stress in cows?

Colganados JB Aviator SL

1. Heat tolerant genes: Genes are known to contribute to better heat tolerance of cows, such as the genes related to sweat production, regulating the body temperature and adapting to changes in the surrounding climate. 2. Higher antioxidant production: Heat causes oxidative stress in cows, which can lead to damaged cells and inflammation. Targeted selection…

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The Zoo in the Cow

the zoo in the cow

The Fish Walk For years I have observed cows that walk like a fish: The rear end goes from left to right, because the cow needs to walk around her udder. This is not very efficient and is definitely not good for the longevity of the cow. The front end of the cow is too…

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aAa analyseur Maurice Kaul

Because a cow’s form determines how well she can function, it is important to breed an animal with the correct, desirable form. The aAa system – popularly referred to as triple A – is a proven method used worldwide to make the right mating matches between a cow and a bull by focusing on the…

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Familie Wester

John and Christel made the transition from conventional dairy farming to organic farming in 2016 in a gradual process. “It’s something you grow towards,” says John. “Circularity in farming always starts with the soil. I am very interested in aspects such as soil fertility, soil structure and active life and organisms in the soil. And,…

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Their distinctive markings make Lineback bulls unique

Witrik Roady rf

Linebacks with their Witrik patterns and long heritage are not a recognised breed The patterns occur as a white stripe along the back and belly and they can have speckled or solid sides. In English speaking countries, this colouration is referred to as ‘lineback’. Cows with Witrik patterns could be found many centuries ago with…

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Nancy Ralph en Bas Engelen

It is an industry-leading, family owned business with its own breeding vision based on using proven bulls and examining the practical performance on the farm of the cow family behind the bull. Following the death of Bas Engelen Sr. – one of the founders of K.I. SAMEN – his children Nancy, Ralph and Bas Engelen…

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Master in rounded traits

Maatschap van Ramshorst

Arie started systematically breeding using the aAa tool some 23 years ago. The aAa system is built on experiences in practice and views cows from a practical perspective. The relationship between the parts of a cow is a key component of the aAa breeding tool. The balance has to be right to breed functional animals.…

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