The pen of one million milk cartons

Links: Sterkoe 1 Grashoek Tonnie 72 (V: LadyLover) 
Rechts: Sterkoe 2 Grashoek Tonnie 66 (v: Kian)

Star cow Grashoek Tonnie 72 (s. LadyLover) has been awarded ‘Star Cow 1’ status, while her dam Grashoek Tonnie 66 (s. Kian) is a ‘Star Cow 2’. Both are still herd members at the K.I. Samen breeding station and dairy farm and were joined by a small number of other cows in the pen of…

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Batenburg Geronimo RF

Round traits K.I. SAMEN has offered an extensive range of bulls with round traits for years. Which bulls have performed exceedingly well over the past decades and offer round traits or a more unusual and unique aAa code? And which younger generations of bulls offer something out of the ordinary? Bulls such as Abel, Cosmo,…

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aAa analyseur Maurice Kaul

Because a cow’s form determines how well she can function, it is important to breed an animal with the correct, desirable form. The aAa system – popularly referred to as triple A – is a proven method used worldwide to make the right mating matches between a cow and a bull by focusing on the…

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202 Shogun PS daughters have achieved 100,000 kg milestone

Shogun dochters Hanneke 18 en Truus 8o. Eig. VOF Den Hartog Lathum

We offer certainty and reliability in herd improvement. We put the bulls through their paces in practice. A breeding bull becomes a proven bull based on the practical performance of his daughters. Farmers who have used Shogun in the past see excellent results in the barn. Good breeding based on cow families is more effective,…

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Mien 36 (VG 88) moeder van Conqueror (Pp)

50% POLLED, 100% QUALITY Mien 36, the dam of Conqueror (Pp), was on the small side but had lots of of capacity and produced plenty of milk with good components. She merited VG 88 for conformation. Conqueror (Pp), a red factor carrier, polled bull who contributes plenty of width, is the result of a match…

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Well balanced cow Grashoek Tonnie 72

Grashoek Tonnie 72 een koe in balans!

Owner Ralph Engelen: “Grashoek Tonnie 72  is an uniform cow, harmoniously built and with a quite modest stature. She has lovely loins and a balanced rump.” Tonnie 72, a daughter by Ladylover, contributes plenty of milk to the daily yield. The average lactation value on the farm is 100 and scoring 120, Tonnie 72 is…

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At KI Samen, the bulls are proof of proven success!

Dochtergroep Big Redstar op RMV

Big Malki preeminent supplier of excellent cows Big Malki is the name behind 11 of the 187 black-and-white cows ranked excellent in the past year (01-09-2021 to 31-08-2022). This gives Malki the greatest influence in the conformation ratings for the black-and-white segment. This is a unique accomplishment, especially if you consider it as a percentage.…

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